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The 10 Best meat and fish boxes

From Saddleback pork to hot-smoked mackerel, cut out the middleman and get the finest foods delivered to your door...
  • @SAMuston

1. Field and Flower – thrifty beef box

£25, fieldandflower.co.uk

A lot for your money here with four-week hung, grass-fed beef. There are steak strips, stewing steak, eight burgers and mince.

2. Fish for Thought – lobster and shellfish

£64, martins-seafresh.co.uk

From the ocean waves off Cornwall comes cooked, cleaned lobsters, six crevettes, two large crabs and a pound of prawns.

3. Farmison – rare breeds

£29.95, farmison.co.uk

This online supplier has a slant towards rare-breed beasts. Try the pork middle-loin box for a taste of Saddleback and some cracking crackling.

4. Black Mountains Smokery – smoked fish

£58, smoked-foods.co.uk

You pay a lot – but, goodness, what you get. There's salmon smoked just about every way, gravadlax, trout, and dill sauce.

5. Dunwood Farm – half porker

£120, dunwoodfarm.co.uk

You get a full half Gloucester Old Spot, in two leg joints, 12 chops, stripped belly pork and a vast quantity of sausages.

6. Donald Russell – mini Steaks

£33 , donaldrussell.com

Contains a triumvirate of meats (beef, pork, lamb) cut down into a total of 24 mini steaks. It's good quality stuff, too.

7. Chesil Smokery – fish

£25, chesilsmokery.com

This Dorset smokery is famed for its high quality. This box contains two hot-smoked mackerels, seven slices of cold trout and 14 slices of salmon. It's an absolute dream.

8. Osgrow – mixed

£33.99, shop.osgrowonline.co.uk

Osgrow specialises in exotic meats, so you get water buffalo steak, wild boar sausages, venison sausages and even diced kangaroo.

9. Riverford Organic – quick and easy meat box

£29.95, riverford.co.uk

This contains lamb, pork, steak, chicken and beef in fridge-friendly quantities (never more than 900g).

10. The Well Hung Meat Company – household staples

£67.20, wellhungmeat.com

You could feed a full household for quite some time with this box. There's joints, chops, steaks and mince, charcuterie and bacon.