The 10 Best salt and pepper sets

Whether they're for everyday use or to make your dining table look just right, it's worth getting a stylish shaker...

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1. Nuance

Inspired by Scandinavian tree trunks, these contemporary ceramic grinders are ergonomic, functional and durable. Available in green or black, they are easy to fill, as well as adjustable, so that you can achieve the perfect grain size for your needs.

£35, amazon

2. Lakeland

If you love picnics or you're simply fed up with staying in places that lack decent grinders, these reliable miniature mills are just the job. Made from stainless steel and acrylic, they'll fit on a dinner tray at home, too.

£8.49, lakeland

3. Georg Jensen

The Alfredo set is simply stunning, making it a great gift for a wedding or special birthday. Crafted in stainless steel, these large grinders have top-quality grinding technology, too. A subtle brown and white line towards the top differentiates the salt from the pepper.

£125, georgjensen

4. Oxo Good Grips

The ceramic mechanism on these mills is at the top, which means no more salt and pepper spills on the table. They're comfortable to use, you can select five different degrees of coarseness by adjusting the collar and, usefully, they come pre-filled.

£17 each, amazon

5. Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph excels in kitchen designs that combine practicality, elegance, innovation and simplicity. Just hold this mill with one hand and squeeze the flared lever at the top to release your salt or pepper. When you are done, release the lever and the grinder is sealed off, leaving you with a nice clean table.

£36 each, amazon

6. Bodum

Why bother with separate mills when Bodum has cleverly designed this single grinder to house both salt and pepper? Turn to the left for salt and turn to the right for pepper. Available in red or green, it's efficient and long lasting, although the chambers are a bit on the small side, so you'll need to refill them quite often.

£86, amazon

7. Cuisinart

If you're too lazy to grind your own seasonings, there's a growing number of electronic, push-button options available. This stainless-steel set from Cuisinart is easy to fill and even easier to use. The slim, ergonomic design is comfortable to hold, too.

£29.99, lakeland

8. Cole & Mason

These classic shiny black mills, made from sustainably sourced wood, work well in both contemporary and traditional settings. There are four different sizes to choose from and they have a diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism, giving a consistent and adjustable grind.

From £23 each, hartsofstur

9. Robert Welch

These mills, which come with a lifetime guarantee, are easy to fill, use and maintain, and have a smooth and tactile finish. They are available in three sizes and black and white, allowing you to mix and match colours and sizes.

From £23 each, amazon

10. Salter

Filling up salt and pepper mills can make a right old mess, but you'll get none of that with this easy-fill set from Salter, which has a handy funnel system. The clear acrylic body means you'll know when you're running low.

£14, amazon