The 10 Best teapots

Whether you’re making a brew  for two or a solitary cuppa, we’ve got the top pot for the job.

1. Bodum Chambord

The wide stainless-steel filter in the borosilicate glass bowl allows the tea leaves to swirl freely, giving them all the space they need to live up to their full potential. Making a generous 1.5 litres, you’ll be able to invite plenty of neighbours round for a cuppa.


2. The British Museum Darcy

The Darcy collection was inspired by an era when Earl Grey was prime minister and taking tea was at the centre of refined social life (think Jane Austen). Created for stovetop use, it’s made from black clay with a wooden handle and hand-painted porcelain lid. A filter is also included.


3. Emma Bridgewater  Starry Skies

Emma Bridgewater is one of the largest pottery manufacturers based entirely in the UK and she has no shortage of fabulous teapots. This one is suited to a more rustic household and holds a good four cups of tea. There are matching mugs and indeed a whole crockery set.


4. Le Creuset Grand Teapot

As with most things made by Le Creuset, this teapot will probably last you a lifetime. There’s an anti-drip spout, scratch-resistant surface and an easy-to-use handle for effortless pouring. The shape means it can double up as a coffee pot, too.


5. Eva Solo My Big Teapot

Who says knitted tea cosies are only for grandmothers? This Danish-inspired teapot comes with a delightfully modern machine-washable tea cosy, which is available in four different designs, to keep the tea nice and hot.


6. Portmeirion Arthur Goodfellow and Friends One Cup

Tea connoisseurs wouldn’t dream of making their brew in a cup, even if it’s just for one. Nor would they drink it out of a mug, favouring a good old-fashioned cup and saucer. No wonder this one-cup-and-saucer porcelain teapot, decorated with a charming cat-themed design, is such a winner.


7. Marimekko Hennika Teapot

East meets West with this stylish  and practical three-cup porcelain  teapot with contrasting wooden  handle. It brews top-notch tea in a  flash and if you don’t like it plain, it’s available with a pattern, too.


8. Scott Inness Bramble Thistle

The vibrant thistle design is wrapped round both sides of this fine bone-china teapot, which is finished off with lively splashes and sprays that make this a cheery addition to any tea-drinking occasion. Matching cups and saucers are also available.


9. John Lewis Spots

Chic, stylish and a brilliant brewer, this is also great value, as well as being nice and robust. It pours well, holds a nice amount of tea and is part of the minimalist spots range, whose pieces all come with differently sized and shaped spots.


10. Orla Kiely Yellow Raised Stem

This beautiful retro teapot has a really satisfying texture, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, and it’s topped off with a cheery bright yellow lid. Made from 100 per cent earthenware, it’s handmade and part of Kiely’s larger home collection.