The 10 Best patio heaters

From Mexican chimineas to outdoor fireplaces, we look at ways of keeping warm and toasty on cool summer evenings

{1] Firefly Tilting Electric Halogen Patio Heater, £170, amazon



If you want to be really sure the heat will reach you, this heater has a tilting head and adjustable height to ensure you stay warm. It isn’t too hard on your carbon footprint, either, and runs at one-third of the cost of using a gas heater.

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{2] Gardeco Four Elements Chimenea, £92, amazon



Bringing a roaring fire outdoors with you is a really cool way to stay warm. This Mexican chiminea is available in designs that match the four elements (air, water, earth and fire), but we like the fire version, pictured here, best of all.

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{3] Dan Cook Firepit 9000, £129, amazon



Stay warm and toasty with this sleek update of the firepit – then add the cooking grid and you have a barbecue as well. It’s the modern version of roasting around a campfire. A little slice of Danish summer for your garden.

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{4] Blooma Silene Mosaic Firepit Table, £59, amazon



A side table by day and a firepit by night, this versatile heater has a lid that blends in with the rest of the table and covers the pit nicely when you’re not using it. It also includes a spark cover to prevent any spitting when the fire is lit.

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{5] Weber Outdoor Fireplace, £99, johnlewis



A thoughtfully designed fire pit that gives plenty of heat without spitting, because of its inner steel ring, then packs away easily when you remove the ring and lower the lid. It’s rustproof, too, so you can leave it out all year long.

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{6] Black Living Flame Patio Heater, £240, amazon



The chic pyramid shape makes this heater stand out from the crowd. It looks lovely when lit, with a flame all the way up the inside, packs a powerful 9.5kw and has an impressive head radius of 15-20ft so it should be able to keep everyone toasty even on really cool nights.

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{7] Cyclops, £300, amazon



Here’s an innovative idea – a table with a built-in heater that’s just the right size for two people. It’s perfect for a small garden, balcony or patio. The table top is cool to the touch and there’s a safety grille over the heated part.

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{8] Gardeco Corona Chimenea with Grill, £90, amazon



Another heater-grill hybrid, this chiminea has attached side tables for easy grill-to-plate action. Or if you would rather not grill, the chiminea provides an excellent centrepiece for any patio party. Wood, charcoal or coal can be used as fuel.

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{9] Table Top Halogen Stainless Steel Mesh Patio Heater, £40, amazon



If your outdoor space is limited, you can still get a little extra blast of heat on your patio with this neat table top heater. Powered with propane, its 3,000w is just enough to keep you warm and it has an easy electronic ignition so you can pop it on and off easily.

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{10] La Hacienda Tabletop Bio-Ethanol Fireplace, £30, amazon



This stylish bio-ethanol fireplace makes a great feature in any garden. The powder-coated steel finish is complemented by the four glass panels that surround the flame. It comes with a stainless steel fuel burner and extinguishing tool and provides warmth and ambience.

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