1970s Rock

Music review: The Who, SECC, Glasgow - Roger Daltrey and Pete

One of the most telling moments of this 40th anniversary revisit to The Who’s best-known album Quadrophenia came in one of the least likely locations, amidst the video montage which accompanied martial instrumental “The Rock” on the three circular screens hanging behind the band.

Mack Emerman: Recording studio mogul

Mack Emerman, who has died at the age of 89, was the founder of Criteria Recording Studios, where acts such as Eric Clapton, James Brown and the Bee Gees made some of their most famous records.

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Jim’ll Paint It: The man who drew too much

Tumblr blog of the day (if not the year so far): Jim’ll Paint It. A man, presumably Jim, possibly with a lot of time on his hands, takes commissions for original artworks and posts several a day created using Microsoft Paint.Jim has an eye for the bizarre – and more detail than Paint should allow.