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Nissan announces prices for electric Leaf

Nissan has announced the starting prices for its Golf-sized electric car, the Leaf. The Leaf will initially be available in four European countries – the UK, Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands – and in each case, except in the Netherlands, it will be available for less than €30,000 after local tax incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles have been applied. In the Netherlands there are some tax incentives that accumulate during the life of the car rather than at the time of purchase.

Mitsubishi names its price for electric i-MiEV

Mitsubishi has named the price at which it will sell its forthcoming i-MiEV electric car when it goes on general sale early next year. Customers will pay a steep £33,699 including VAT, even after the £5,000 per car grant that the government is introducing in order to encourage the sale of hybrid and electric plug-in cars.

Toyota announces plug-in Prius

Toyota has announced a new plug-in version of its Prius hybrid. Plug-in technology allow a hybrid's batteries to be charged from the mains like those on a straight electric car. The main benefit compared with a standard hybrid is that a plug-in hybrid can spend a far greater proportion of the time running in electric-only mode, which produces fewer tail-pipe emissions – just 59g/km, according to Toyota. One spur to this long-expected development is likely to have been the forthcoming arrival of GM's similarly-sized Chevrolet Volt, which will run mainly on electric power but use an internal combustion engine as a back-up range-extender.

Honda Insight

Digital dashboard trees – with leaves that fall off – let the new, eco-friendly Honda show you how green your driving is

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