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Book of a Lifetime: Collected Poems, by Derek Walcott

In 1976, when I was 14, my family migrated to Britain from the Caribbean. We had landed in a cauldron of bitter rhetoric about race and immigration. Unemployment was rising, and a vociferous minority demanded that "coloured" migrants be sent home.

Hitler postcard found at roadshow

Adolf Hitler was surprisingly keen to return to the front line after being injured in the First World War, a recently-discovered postcard suggests.

Jester has the last laugh

The Serpentine Gallery's retrospective of Hans-Peter Feldmann proves that this prankster's work is playful but far from puerile, says Adrian Hamilton

Harriet Bridgeman: The first lady of fine art

She owns more than 300,000 works by great artists from Da Vinci to Monet – or, at least, she retains the rights to reproduce their images. As Harriet Bridgeman's incredible art library celebrates 40 years, John Walsh meets its charismatic chief curator. Plus, she picks her favourite 'acquisitions'.

Manic Street Preachers, Brixton Academy, London

The savage rip in the Manic Street Preachers' life was, of course, the disappearance and likely death of Richey Edwards in 1995. The loss of their friend and bandmate still brought Nicky Wire close to traumatised tears when he spoke of it last year. Musically too, there was the rupture of the giant stadium-filling singles they wrote afterwards, the almost guiltily ironic achievement of the subversive dreams they and Richey had. Tonight's tremendous, happy gig shows that that scar is healing over.

Postcards From Vegas: Rob and Nick Carter's fluorescent glowing glory

The works in Rob and Nick Carter's new exhibition ought to be garish. Instead, they're gorgeous. "Sin Will Find You Out", declares a condemnatory neon crucifix, overlaid on a hyper-enlarged old postcard of America's Spaghetti Junction: an interchange on the Eisenhower Expressway near downtown Chicago. It might as well be an entry in one of those novelty Boring Postcards books. The crucifix, meanwhile, is a miniaturised recreation of a sign that still hangs from a Christian mission on the West Side of Manhattan.

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Kate Simon: Wish you were here – but don't expect a postcard

Will you be sending any postcards from your holidays this year? I remember as a child having to spend at least one morning of our annual summer holiday writing "wish you were here" to the nearest and dearest – or risk no ice-creams for the rest of the day.