Kelly Osbourne

Cultural Life: Kelly Osbourne

'I picked up a book called 'Daughters of Shame' by Jasvinder Sanghera at the airport because I needed something to read on the plane.'

For the record: 22/06/2009

'The Lobby is an obedience school: Come to heel and you get your titbits. That is not journalism; that is copytaking.' Guido Fawkes woos the Association for Journalism Education

Blaze shuts famous London market

Police are today warning people to stay away from London's famous Camden Market as the clean-up operation begins after a huge blaze that took more than 100 firefighters to bring under control.

Janet Street-Porter: Why I hate the beauty business (Or why life's too

From the age of 11 I worshipped at the altar of self-improvement. Given the raw material of my genetic inheritance it wasn't surprising I looked in the mirror and felt miserable. I had big, sticky-out teeth, National Health glasses like milk-bottle bottoms, long legs like sticks, a completely flat chest and beige hair that lay flat on my head, and wasn't the slightest bit interested in being wavy, curly or interesting.