The claws are out for lobster's social status

It's classic cinematic shorthand. A person eating lobster in a film is usually doing so for one reason: to communicate, at a stroke, that they are horribly snooty – or just plain loaded. It is a synecdoche for luxury living. Or at least it was.

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Well dressed: Mark Hix's sensational, substantial, summery salads

It is now the season when main-course summery salads really come into their own. There are so many interesting leaves and vegetables around at this time of the year and it's dead-easy to impress your lunch or dinner guests with a simple, sophisticated main-course salad instead of a predictable main-course meat or fish dish. You may be sceptical about whether or not your guests are going to be happy with salad as a main course, but it's all about getting the balance right – so, for example, you could start your dinner party with a risotto or pasta dish and then it would be perfect to follow with one of these salads.