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Album review: Sparks, Two Hands One Mouth: Live in Europe (Lil

Extraordinarily, in a career 22 albums long, this is the first live recording that Sparks have released – and it's typical of their quixotic charm that, despite being famous for the ambitious complexity of their arrangements, it should feature pared-down settings of one voice accompanied by just one keyboard.

Claude Miller: Film director who showed the dark side of youth

Claude Miller didn't do lightweight. His best-known film, Garde à vue, an adaptation of the novel Brainwash by the British crime writer John Wainwright, is a dark thriller revolving around the police interrogation of a lawyer accused of raping and murdering two little girls. The viewer is never quite sure whether the inspector, played by Lino Ventura, should pin the ghastly crimes on the suspect, the wonderfully ambiguous Michel Serrault, who knows the law inside out but appears almost too willing to dig himself into a hole.

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In a Forest, Dark and Deep, Vaudeville Theatre, London

Neil LaBute's last play in the West End was called Fat Pig. By the end of In a Forest, Dark and Deep, you could be forgiven for thinking that this new 90-minute drama should be subtitled "Slender Cow". An intermittently taut two-hander, it receives its English premiere in a production by the author that stars Matthew Fox (famed for TV's Lost) and the beautiful and redoubtable Olivia Williams. They both give scorching performances that are, to my mind, a distinct cut above the material.

One Minute With: Sophie Hannah, novelist

At home in Cambridge. I can see scaffolding outside every window, covered with plastic sheeting and stonemasons. We bought this house last year and it needed lots of work.