José Pizarro: 'People ate anything they could get their hands on

My earliest food memory...Seeing my mum and grandmother cooking – although growing up as a boy in rural Spain at that time, you weren't supposed to be in the kitchen. If there's one thing that evokes childhood for me, it's partridge. My grandmother would cook it at Christmas, and I still remember the smell of the burning feathers.

'Suicide squad' struggles to cool reactors as radiation levels rise

Japan yesterday deployed army helicopters and police water cannon manned by what the media are calling "suicide squads" in a frantic attempt to cool overheating fuel rods and prevent meltdown at a nuclear power plant ravaged by an earthquake and tsunami one week ago.

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Paprika and sherry vinegar mayonnaise

This is lovely as part of a mezze plate, with raw vegetables or warm flatbread, grilled aubergines and peppers. It also goes well with barbecued chicken, chorizo or even folded through a plate of warm clams.

On the agenda: Paul Joyce retrospective; Roksanda Ilincic; BFI's

In a career spanning over 40 years, photographer Paul Joyce has captured an impressive array of actors, film-makers and artists, from Jane Fonda in full Barbarella garb to legendary British sculptor Henry Moore. And now you can take a peek at some of his best (including many previously unseen) images, at a retrospective at Proud Chelsea art gallery from Wednesday, including a startlingly young-looking Quentin Tarantino, and a dishevelled Johnny Cash.