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Soul Music

Plan B, Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London

“If you don’t believe in something, then you’ll fall for anything,” Plan B snarls on the forlorn “Lost My Way”, and the solemn 28-year-old rapper is big on “belief”. However, we get precious little actual dialogue tonight at this desperately hip album launch, with almost certainly the poshest soap of any venue toilet in London.

The 12 most-viewed 2011 video articles

As newspaper reporting enters an age where it is as much about multimedia as it is about print, the videos Independent.co.uk readers have been most interested in this year provide a diverse snapshot of what you want from televised news.

Album: Joss Stone, LP1 (Stoned / Surfdog)

Producer Dave Stewart clearly feels that the best way for the celebrated melon-expeller to get that melon out is to emulate Betty Davis in 1974: make with the histrionic rock-funk-lite, all popping drums, strangulated guitars and anguished sass.

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Album: Jamie Lidell, Compass (Warp)

For some reason, Jamie Lidell has opted to renege on the developments of 2008's Jim – most notably those regarding killer tunes – and revert to the glitchy, stripped-down electro-soul of his earlier Multiply.