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The digital age was meant to put an end to paper, but a new Ikea  boutique shows that we can’t get enough of it, writes Kate Burt

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What will you buy for your home on your holidays?

It seems that more of us are taking our summer breaks in Britain. If you're doing the same – and have an eye for style – you can pick up some brilliant finds for your home away from the beaten track.

London riots spiral out of control

Rioters were rampaging across Britain's capital again tonight as politicians and police chiefs tried desperately to curb the "sheer criminality".

The Diary: Terry Jones; Zach Braff; Edinburgh Book Festival; Ricky

Helped by a couple of high-profile radio interviews, this week ex-Python Terry Jones became the first to have his book given the green light by Unbound, a new crowd-funding initiative. Evil Machines, 13 short stories about man's fraught relationship with technology – from a truth-telling telephone to a too-powerful Hoover – will be published in October. "Terry had started to write some stories, but there was the usual problem of where to put them in the shops (were they for adults or children?) and he was disheartened," says John Mitchinson, the co-founder of Unbound. "He's a bit of a rebel, so I think Unbound appealed to him. And I know he liked the idea of a 50/50 profit share."