iStyle: Cruise control

Take summer-holiday packing first-class with luxurious, bold and bright transitional pieces, says Rebecca Gonsalves

Going swimmingly

When it’s time to hit the beach, a good pair of trunks is the last line of defence your modesty has, so it’s worth doing your homework, says Lee Holmes

Trunk call: get shorted for summer

A good pair of shorts is the last line of defence your modesty has when it's time for the beach, which means it's worth doing your homework, says Lee Holmes

Two Cigarettes in the Dark, Pina Bausch, Tanztheater Wuppertal,

If the phrase “rarely performed work” sets off warning bells, hearing that it explores the monotony of existence has them clanging. Pina Bausch was one of the most influential choreographers of the twentieth century, creating onstage worlds of surreal images and human need. Two Cigarettes in the Dark, which opens a London season by Bausch’s own company, has her usual themes without her best insights. It’s a long, long evening.

Creepy iPhone app retrieves Facebook bikini pics of your friends

Hey, creepy guys, are you tired of trawling through pictures of your female friends online on the off-chance they're showing some skin? Good news! There's an app for it. For $1.99 Badabing downloads skin-revealing Facebook pics straight to users' phones. Does it have any age filters? No! Does that mean it will also send you pictures of underage girls and babies? Yes...

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Suits you: The search for the swimsuit

When you can try styles on in the comfort of your own home, is it any wonder that a host of online swimwear boutiques are flourishing? Rebecca Gonsalves asks the internet experts what to bring to the beach