The Horrors

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Simulated battles aren't everyone's cup of tea – but for those who take part (some 20,000 people in the UK), they are a serious business: call their uniforms "costumes" and you might find yourself on the sharp end of a bayonet.

Album: The Horrors, Skying (XL)

This is the one. You may remember, in 2009, the clamour of critics lauding The Horrors for – shock, er, horror – actually making a good album with their second effort, Primary Colours. I was practically a lone sceptic, sulking and tutting on my own in the corner.

Hundreds killed in Brazil floods and mudslides

Survivors of mudslides in mountain towns north of Rio recounted today the horrors of watching homes swept away by walls of earth and water and of frantic efforts to dig with bare hands and reach trapped neighbours.

Lib Dems told to see Coalition like a marriage

The Liberal Democrats have been told to regard their partnership with the Conservatives as a "marriage" as Nick Clegg tries to calm his party's nerves over their slump in the opinion polls.

Remembering invisible victims on 'International Migrants Day'

Few of the Central American migrants looking to escape to the United States are prepared for the horrors they will endure along the way. Entering Mexico through one of its border states (most often Chiapas or Tabasco), they face a constant threat of persecution, and, at present, lack even the most basic of human rights.

Album: The Horrors, Primary Colours (XL)

When The Horrors' debut Strange House was released in 2007, I described it as sounding like something you might end up with if you were to hold a Goth Idol talent contest.

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Dith Pran: Survivor of the 'Killing Fields'

It was a perhaps inescapable irony that while millions of people around the world knew the story of Dith Pran – the courageous reporter's assistant who survived the horrors of Cambodia's "Killing Fields" – most would have associated his name with the face of another man.

Cloverfield, 15

Monster takes Manhattan, as posted on YouTube: It has shaky footage, jerky cuts, no stars, and you barely see the creature causing all the terror. But believe the hype: this is a truly scary movie