The Horrors

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Cat's Eyes, The Lexington, gig review

Starting out as side project, The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan and Italian-Canadian soprano singer-songwriter Rachel Zeffira have found their stride with the couple’s second album together, Treasure House.

Season of Light, By Katharine McMahon

It takes a brave writer to tackle the epic subject of the French Revolution. But historical novelist Katharine McMahon, author of a bestselling novel set during the Crimean War, The Rose of Sebastopol, takes no prisoners. It's the summer of 1788 and Paris is ablaze with revolutionary ideas. Swept along in the excitement is Asa Ardleigh, a 19-year-old Englishwoman visiting the city with her newly-married sister, Philippa.

Portfolio: Jim Naughten

Simulated battles aren't everyone's cup of tea – but for those who take part (some 20,000 people in the UK), they are a serious business: call their uniforms "costumes" and you might find yourself on the sharp end of a bayonet.

To beard...or not to beard

Facial hair is wildly popular among young men, but is this a good thing? As Gillette launches a jokey new viral campaign, two writers go chin to chin

Hundreds killed in Brazil floods and mudslides

Survivors of mudslides in mountain towns north of Rio recounted today the horrors of watching homes swept away by walls of earth and water and of frantic efforts to dig with bare hands and reach trapped neighbours.

Back on stage, the forgotten Rattigan

His reputation languished after the arrival of the Angry Young Men in the 1950s. But the National Theatre's production of 'After The Dance' promises to right a theatrical wrong, says Paul Taylor

What to do if ... you become an MP

Chloe Smith became the country's youngest MP, aged 27, last year. The Conservative member for Norwich North, she was elected to the seat when the local MP Ian Gibson (Labour) stood down during the expenses furore

Remembering invisible victims on 'International Migrants Day'

Few of the Central American migrants looking to escape to the United States are prepared for the horrors they will endure along the way. Entering Mexico through one of its border states (most often Chiapas or Tabasco), they face a constant threat of persecution, and, at present, lack even the most basic of human rights.

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Solzhenitsyn, Russia's last conscience, is laid to rest

The air was thick with the scent of incense and freshly cut flowers, as more than a dozen white-robed Orthodox priests sang hymns and recited prayers in a three-hour service at the funeral of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Moscow.