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The 10 best power tools

Resolved to do it yourself this bank holiday? We’ve got all the plumb lines, pressure washers and heavy-duty drills you’ll need to get the job done...

The 10 best school bags

Prepare for the inevitable pre-term panic by equipping your child with a sturdy yet stylish backpack. There’s something here to help shoulder every load...

The 10 best finance books

Does the ongoing financial turmoil leave you scratching your head? Worry not, here’s our pick of the finest - and most readable - books about Big Money...

The 10 best dining chairs

Are you sitting comfortably? If not, check out our selection of seats that will make sure you eat supper in style...

The 10 best wireless speakers

Want to feel the noise without being wired for sound? The latest gadgets let you enjoy your music without cluttering your room with cables.

John Hoyland: Artist whose vibrant, vivid style made him one of

John Hoyland was one of the great British exponents of abstract painting. His work, much of it on a large scale, is remarkable for its bold useof colour and, in recent years, its three-dimensional quality, through the use of thickly-layered and textured acrylic paint.

10 best travel essentials

The holidays are here and it's time to decide what to take with you on your summer break. Before you start packing, here's our pick of useful accessories.

The 10 best sitcom DVDs

It is a prolific genre, but only certain TV comedies are good enough to be watched over and over again. Here are ten of the all-time best funny boxsets.

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Patrick Hughes: Fifty Years in Show Business, Flowers Galleries,

When Patrick Hughes was a toddler, he slept with his mother in a cupboard beneath the stairs to shelter from Nazi bombs. Imagine what a Continental or American artist would have made of this Oedipal dream fulfilled while, as if in retribution, death rained down outside his little womb. For Hughes, however, the significance of this experience was his view of the underside of the stairs. Up became down, in became out, and Hughes never looked back. He has become the master of visual paradox and puzzle – the keyhole-shaped solid that retains the image of what the peeper saw through it, the striped tin of striped paint.

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