Jurassic World 2: Jeff Goldblum calls character a 'saucy, sassy man of some integrity and deep thinking'

He called the series "popular, slam-bang, top entertainment"

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 10 May 2017 10:50

When Jurassic World was originally announced, many Jurassic Park fans questioned whether Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum may return in some form.

While Colin Trevorrow's blockbuster may not have featured any past characters, the sequel will see Goldblum return as Dr Ian Malcolm.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor spoke about the upcoming role, calling his character a “saucy, sassy man” — no change from the original films then.

“Off I go in a few weeks to London, where they’ve been hard at work, and I’ll try to contribute something to the plate of dino-entertainment,” Goldblum told the publication.

“I like my character. I think my character is a saucy, sassy man of some integrity and deep thinking. And of course, that whole world continues to be popular, slam-bang, top entertainment.”

Speaking about director J.A. Bayona, Golblum revealed they haven’t spoken in person, but the actor enjoyed The Impossible,

“I didn’t realise he was a good friend of a friend of mine, a director I worked with a while ago in Spain named Fernando Trueba, who’s just fantastic. Knowing that the two of them are brethren and brotherly in their friendship makes me feel very good, too.”

He continued: “Even though some might say it’s popcorn-y entertainment (top-notch, of course), in our conversation he was very focused on the serious issues of greed as it oftentimes comes up in those movies, and the marvels of science and reason and the very fascinating point at which our species finds itself both in real life and in this imaginary world too.

“I’m very interested in that myself, so I’m looking forward to this. I’ve got a few things to do. I’m nothing if not conscientious, so I’m enjoying working on it every day.”

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Meanwhile, Chris Pratt recently spoke about the sequel, called it “a scarier version, a little bit darker, and will continue to expand and carry the story forward in a way that is really unexpected and you wouldn't have imagined."

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