Disney Plus viewers notice ‘horrible CGI’ in new movie Prom Pact: ‘They look like Sims 2 characters’

‘That lady looks freshly lobotomised,’ one person wrote

Inga Parkel
Wednesday 05 April 2023 05:02 BST
Prom Pact (Featurette)

A glaring mistake in Disney Plus’s new film Prom Pact has left viewers “horrified”.

The streamer’s latest movie stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee as high school senior Mandy Yang. In the film, Mandy’s desperation to get off Harvard University’s waitlist forces her to befriend all-star jock Graham Lansing (Blake Draper), whose powerful father is a Harvard alum.

In the opening sequence, Mandy is seen digging through the school’s lost and found while the rest of the student body are in the gym attending a pep rally.

For a brief moment, as the camera pans to the students in the gym’s bleachers, a row of expressionless CGI characters can be spotted robotically clapping along behind a row of basketball players.

“Why are [there] AI people in Prom Pact?” someone asked in a viral tweet, alongside a screenshot of the scene.

“I’m gonna assume for continuity but this is so weird,” a second responded.

Many were quick to correct that “it’s not AI”, and instead “just horrible CGI”.

“This is just terrifying,” one wrote, while another likened them to a 2004 PC game, noting: “They look like Sims 2 characters.”

“That lady looks freshly lobotomised Jesus Christ,” someone else joked.

“Why would they put them in the first row?” another person asked. “Like don’t draw attention to them.”

The Independent has contacted Disney for comment.

TV shows and movies often use CGI as a cost-effective way to create realistic crowds without having to hire extras.

However, this is typically blurred out in the editing process so as not to be seen by audiences.

Although CGI has become incredibly sophisticated, it still remains a punchline. Find 25 horrifying CGI disasters in film here.

Several actors have voiced their distaste for the technology, including Keanu Reeves, who revealed an unusual CGI clause he added to his contracts.

Prom Pact is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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