Spectre: Ralph Fiennes telling journalist to 'f*ck off' during interview is richly satisfying

That look.

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 28 October 2015 15:54

Earlier in the week, a reporter for ITV’s This Morning got a pretty curt reply from Daniel Craig, a 47-year-old man and respected actor, when she asked him to “pout” for him.

Now fellow Spectre cast member Ralph Fiennes has been asked the same thing - albeit in jest - and had a pretty similar reaction.

“Earlier this week, a journalist asked Daniel Craig if he would - probably because of his smouldering looks, we know he's a looker - to pout," a Shortlist journalist asked him.

"If I asked you the same question, what would you say?"

With a look of utter disgust, the M actor replied: “Would I pout?! Fuck off.”

Such a rich voice! Such disdainful expression! I would gladly sit and have Ralph Fiennes tell me to “fuck off” in 72 languages.

The journalist congratulated Fiennes on his answer, before agreeing to fuck off himself.

The Spectre promo interviews have generally been a bit of a sh*t show thus far:

Craig was indeed asked whether he thought a One Direction member would make a good Bond replacement, to which he sarcastically replied that he would be “absolutely fantastic”.

Spectre is in cinemas now.

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