Samuel L Jackson performs swear-filled poem to warn people about coronavirus

Marvel star read a poem entitled ‘Stay the f*** at home’ on Jimmy Kimmel

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 01 April 2020 17:36
Samuel L Jackson reads coronavirus poem

Samuel L Jackson has performed a swear-filled poem to warn people of the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show via video link, the veteran actor read from an updated version of the Adam Mansbach book Go the F*** to Sleep, entitled “Stay the f*** at home.”

The Avengers star had previously gone viral with a reading of Mansbach’s “children’s book for adults” nearly a decade ago.

This new version opens with the lines: “The ‘rona is spreading, this s*** is no joke – it’s no time to work or roam. The way you can fight it is simple, my friends: stay the f*** at home.”

The incredibly foul-mouthed verses also include the lines: “Mother*****r it’s no time to gamble, look around, you’re not at a casino. Just stay the f*** at home as if your name was Trentin Quarantino.”

“Sure, you can still see your friends – use the mother****ing app on your phone. But unless you just ran out of groceries, please, stay the f*** at home.”

Samuel L Jackson is renowned as one of Hollywood’s most prolific swearers, although a recent study actually suggested that two other stars swear more than him – Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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