Star Wars: The Last Jedi petition creator backtracks: 'It was a bad idea'

'I feel that we are pooling our efforts in not a healthy direction'

Jack Shepherd
Thursday 21 December 2017 10:22 GMT

Chances are, you’ve seen the ‘massive’ backlash against Star Wars: The Last Jedi online.

Rian Johnson — the blockbuster’s director — has addressed fan concerns extensively, giving huge spoiler discussions.

That wasn’t enough to please some feverish Star Wars fans, almost 45,000 of whom have signed a petition asking Disney to strike Episode VIII from the official canon.

The main complaint put forward by the petition’s creator, Henry Walsh, is that The Last Jedi “destroys “legacy, integrity, and character” of Luke Skywalker.

However, a cruel twist of fate has turned those angry Star Wars fans against Walsh. Updating the post, Walsh explained that he started the petition while medicated following surgery, saying: “It was a bad idea at the time and I feel that we are pooling our efforts in not a healthy direction.”

Walsh urged petitioners to put their efforts into something that actually matters, a sentiment that itself led to Star Wars fans saying Walsh had been bought out by Disney.

One day later, and another update, this time clarifying that Walsh had “never slammed the supporters” of the petition, adding: “I still do not like this film. I only know that the petition, which was made in a moment of compromised common sense, can't achieve the goal that was set for it.”

Putting the director back in the firing line, Walsh wrote: “Rian Johnson insulted the hardcore fanbase repeatedly and made poor use of the assets he had available with regards to classic characters.” The petition starter then called on Star Wars fans to donate to A Force For Change, so that's a positive.

For now, that’s where the narrative has ended. Disney has not offered an official response, and likely won’t. With The Last Jedi having already grossed well over $500 million at the box office, they likely aren’t too bothered by a few angry fans.

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