Star Wars: The Force Awakens Easter eggs: This is why John Boyega’s character’s name is FN2187

Poe Dameron eventually gives him a more manageable name

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 23 December 2015 11:30 GMT

Given the geeky joy they seem to elicit in fans, sci-fi directors rarely miss an opportunity to slip Easter eggs in their films these days, and Finn’s First Order origins presented a prime one (light spoilers ahead).

As well as conveying his anonymity in an enormous army, Finn’s ‘FN2187’ Stormtrooper designation is also a nod to the original Star Wars film, which saw Princess Leia locked in cell number 2187 after being captured by Darth Vader.

21-87 is also a short film by Arther Lipsett which would have a profound effect on George Lucas, going on to influence the aesthetic style of Star Wars.

Boyega’s character is re-christened ‘Finn’ by Poe Dameron, who can’t get his mouth around the Stormtrooper title.

The Force Awakens is full of references to the original trilogy, and its plot mirrors that of the first film.

Now the sequel has been in cinemas for a few days, the fan theories have begun. One popular one points to the film’s Medieval elements, while another presents a possible hidden motive for Kylo Ren.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has seen the highest ever opening weekend in US box office history, grossing $238m.

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