Aaliyah: Fans celebrate after late singer’s self-titled album lands on Spotify

The R&B artist released three albums from 1994 to 2001

Peony Hirwani
Friday 10 September 2021 11:12

Aaliyah’s music debuts on streaming services

Aaliyah’s 2001 self-titled third and final album to be released before her death has appeared on streaming platforms for the first time.

The R&B artist released three albums from 1994 to 2001, with her final album, Aaliyah, released shortly before she died in a plane crash on 25 August, 2001.

Over the years, Aaliyah’s music has become notoriously hard to listen to and, despite being promised multiple times in the past, has never appeared on streaming services due to disputes between her estate and former record label.

However, the singer’s final self-titled album is finally out and is being celebrated by Aaliyah’s fans across the world.

One fan wrote: “Aaliyah definitely deserved a Grammy for this red album I’m just happy a whole new generation will finally get to experience her music and talent.”

“This album brings back so many memories,” wrote another.

“I’m very happy that I can finally add ‘Extra Smooth’ to my playlists and not have to go to YouTube for it. This is my album!” one tweeted.

Last month, the late singer’s album One in a Million also arrived on streaming platforms for the first time.

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