Lil Wayne threatens to end show after fan throws object on stage

‘If you know who that was that threw that s***, tell him I say f*** him,’ rapper said

Peony Hirwani
Thursday 25 August 2022 09:11 BST
Lil Wayne has offered to financially take care of ex police office who saved his life

Lil Wayne threatened to end a concert after a fan threw an object on the stage.

During a recent concert in Jacksonville, Florida, a member of the crowd tossed what appeared to be a bandana in the 39-year-old rapper’s direction as he performed his first song of the night.

According to multiple fan videos, Wayne told the DJ to cut the music before addressing the incident, warning his fans that he will end the concert if this behaviour continues.

“This my first song,” rapper said. “If a n***a gonna be throwing the s*** at me, I ain’t gonna do another song, I’ll get my a** right up out this motherf***er.

“It’s called respect. So, like I said, if a n****s gonna be throwing shit at me, I’ll respect that person and get the f*** [out],” he added. “If you know who that was that threw that s***, tell him I say f*** him and suck a motherf***ing d*ck.

“You little pussy b*tch. Throwin’ flags at me, n****a, that s*** ain’t even real. F*** wrong with you? Pussy motherf***er.”

After addressing the crowd, Wayne continued his performance with a string of classic hits and fan favourites.

Earlier this year, Kid Cudi walked off stage midway through his set at Rolling Loud after some fans threw items onto the stage.

In a video that was shared on Twitter, Kid Cudi was seen on stage saying: “If I get hit with one more f***ing thing, if I see one more f***ing thing on this f***ing stage, I’m leaving. Don’t f*** with me.”

A member of the crowd then proceeded to throw an item on stage.

Kid Cudi stormed off stage afterwards, to a chorus of boos from the audience.

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