Morrissey ‘dropped’ by record label: ‘It’s perfectly in keeping with the relentless galvanic horror of 2020’

‘My three albums with BMG have been the best of my career, and I stand by them 'til death’

Louis Chilton
Tuesday 17 November 2020 10:05
Morrissey back on the Chain Gang on James Corden

Morrissey has parted ways with record label BMG, the company which has produced his last three albums.

The former Smiths frontman has been at the heart of several controversies in recent years, including in 2019 when he was widely condemned for remarks that many deemed to be racist.

It was initially reported that BMG had “dropped” the singer-songwriter on the artist’s fansite Morrissey Central.

Morrissey told the site: “This news is perfectly in keeping with the relentless galvanic horror of 2020. We would be critically insane to expect anything positive.”

“My three albums with BMG have been the best of my career, and I stand by them 'til death. Recording them has been a pivotal period in my life, and I thank the previous BMG team and everyone involved for that.”

BMG have subsequently confirmed the news to media outlets, clarifying that the three-album deal had “come to an end”.

With the label, Morrissey released the albums Low in High School (2017), California Sun (2019) and I Am Not a Dog on a Chain (2020).

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“It's still important to me to do music my own way,” continued Morrissey, “and I wouldn't want to be on a label that dictates so specifically how their artists should behave - especially when the word 'talent' is notably never mentioned.”

Morrissey has faced accusations of bigotry and racism throughout his career. After being criticised for his support of the British far-right anti-Islam party For Britain last year, Morrissey discussed the subject in a controversial interview.

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Asked how he felt about  being called a racist, he responded: “If you call someone racist in modern Britain you are telling them that you have run out of words. 

“You are shutting the debate down and running off. The word is meaningless now. Everyone ultimately prefers their own race – does this make everyone racist?”

The Independent has contacted Morrissey’s representatives for comment.

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