Line of Duty star Taj Atwal explains her character’s absence from series six

Actor played PC Tatleen Sohota in the previous series of the hit BBC One drama

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 24 March 2021 12:51
Line of Duty series six trailer

Actor Taj Atwal has explained her absence from the sixth season of the hit BBC drama Line of Duty, after fans noticed she was missing in last week’s premiere.

Atwal played PC Tatleen Sohota in the previous series of Line of Duty, assisting Martin Compston’s Steve Arnott and Vicky McClure’s Kate Fleming as they investigated Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar).

It turns out Atwal decided to leave the programme after being offered the role of Roxy Varma in the BBC One betting drama The Syndicate.

Because filming dates for the two series conflicted, Atwal opted for The Syndicate over Jed Mercurio’s police thriller.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, she said: “I couldn’t make the dates work alongside The Syndicate. I had to choose and it was not an easy decision.”

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Radio host Nihal Arthanayake then asked if Mercurio had contacted her, asking her to reconsider reprising the role.

“It wasn’t like that! It’s not about that for me,” she said. “Not at all like that, it was one conversation.

Joe Sugg (left) and Taj Atwal (right) in The Syndicate
Joe Sugg (left) and Taj Atwal (right) in The Syndicate

“I’m not about that, I always want to try something different, especially while I can,” Atwal added. “The opportunity to play a completely different character... I just wanted to play something different.”

Line of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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