Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump to mock the President's Mar-a-Lago trips

'It’s hard to believe I’ve been President for almost 100 days'

Jack Shepherd
Sunday 16 April 2017 09:01 BST
Alec Baldwin back as Trump to highlight all the desicions made at Mar-A-Lago

Thanks to Donald Trump’s controversial Presidency, the writers at Saturday Night Live have produced some of their best work in years.

One of the show’s best ongoing gags is Alec Baldwin’s orange-faced impersonation of Trump, which has opened the majority of this season’s shows.

Last night was no different as Jimmy Fallon joined Baldwin to mock the current America administration, The Tonight Show host playing Jared Kushner.

“It’s hard to believe I’ve been President for almost 100 days,” Baldwin’s Trump says from the Oval Office before listing off the numerous things he’s done there.

“So many memories in this room. This is where I met with the Chinese President.”

“That was at Mar-a-Lago, Sir,” interrupts Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence.

“Well, this is where I ordered the Syrian strike.”

“That was also at Mar-a-Lago.”

“Well, this is where I showed a bunch of classified information to the Japanese President.”

“That was in front of a bunch of waiters at the Mar-a-Lago, sir.”

“Well, I know one thing that was here for sure. Remember that time I refused to shake the hand of that little German boy?”

“You mean Angela Merkel.”

“Well, I’m so glad these 100 days were such a success and I’m so sad my Presidency is coming to an end.”

Later on in the sketch, Fallon’s Kushner walks in, alongside Steve Bannon, who has been portrayed as the Grim Reaper throughout the series.

The show then becomes The Apprentice as Trump must choose which advisor to keep on, and which will go. Watch the full clip below.

Last week, Baldwin debuted his impersonation of Bill O’Reilly, mocking the Fox presenter’s sexual harassment allegations. Meanwhile, during the Fallon-hosted show, the cast of SNL ripped into both United Airlines and Pepsi in one brilliant sketch. Watch here.

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