Blackadder star Tony Robinson says a reunion is ‘not on the horizon’

Actor also said ‘most diverse thing’ about beloved sitcom was its title

Ellie Harrison
Friday 23 April 2021 09:12
Blackadder sketch: Teaching an idiot basic maths

Tony Robinson has dismissed speculation that there will be a Blackadder reunion.

The Eighties comedy starred Robinson as the dogsbody, Baldrick, to Rowan Atkinson’s conniving antihero, Edmund Blackadder. The four series were written by Atkinson, Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, and were each set in a different historical period.

In January, Atkinson hinted at plans to revive the sitcom, saying it was “certainly not impossible” for Blackadder to return and confirming there have been talks about a new series.

Elton previously ruled out a return, and in a new interview with The Independent, Robinson said a reunion is “not on the horizon”.

He added: “The most diverse thing in Blackadder was its title.”

The entirety of the show’s core cast, including Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry and Miriam Margolyes, were white actors.

“A lot of [the interest in a reboot] is because it has been incorporated into the curriculum,” Robinson said. “Another advantage is that it wasn’t set at the time it was written, which was also helpful for Shakespeare and Brecht.”

Elsewhere in the interview, out today, Robinson discussed Brexit, Boris Johnson and lockdown.

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