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Game of Thrones: New app released to help non-book readers understand Westeros

And it's free! (For iPhone and iPad users)

Jack Shepherd
Friday 31 July 2015 10:32 BST

There are two breeds of Game of Thrones fans: those who have spent an eternity getting through George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books and those who have just watched the TV show.

The former smugly sit behind their computers, ready and waiting to ‘accidentally’ spoil the show for a non-book reader on an internet forum somewhere. They know the ins and outs of Westeros: history the show doesn’t have time to cover.

Well, if you’re a TV watcher who can’t be bothered to read the books but wants to know everything about Game of Thrones, worry no more: there’s an app for that.

Bronn from Game of Thrones celebrating that he doesn't have to be looked down upon by smug book readers anymore (Rex)

A Game of Thrones: Get into the Books is an interactive iPhone and iPad app that acts as a “bridge” between the books and the TV series by offering you 40 extracts from the books based on the key moments.

So if you’ve ever wanted to read just how the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ was written, you can find it on the app. And, if you’re not fully caught up with the show, you can tell the app which seasons you have seen. What’s better is it’s all free to download right now!

According to the press release, each extract will range from 5 to 25 minutes in length and has had input from Martin himself as well as fans of the series.

Jane Johnson, publishing director at HarperVoyager, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer this new way into the books, and to enable TV fans to discover how much they have to look forward to from the reading experience.”

The app will also be updated to keep up with future seasons of the TV show and with upcoming books.

In other Game of Thrones new, some set photos from season 6 have leaked online and the debate over whether a certain character is dead has hit new heights as the actor has been spotted in Belfast. And hundreds of characters have died; I could be talking about anyone! No spoilers here. But seriously, don’t click on the link if you haven’t watched the show.

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