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Love Island catch-up: Lucie can't pick between Tommy and Joe as new islander prepares to arrive, and three other talking points

All the latest from the Spanish villa

Clémence Michallon
Wednesday 05 June 2019 21:49 BST
Love Island 2019: 'I can't decide in two days!' Lucie feels the pressure from both Joe and Tommy

A love triangle dominated Love Island's third episode as Lucie caught the attention of both Tommy and Joe.

Tommy created quite the stir during the previous episode by picking Lucie as his partner, breaking her away from Joe. Things didn't exactly cool down this time around when it was announced Tommy and Lucie would go on a double date with Curtis and Amy.

The Islanders spent much of the episode discussing the Tommy/Lucie/Joe situation and trying to bring it to a satisfying conclusion – though we might have to wait for the arrival of new Islander Molly-Mae Hague for that to happen.

Lucie needs more time

Lucie, freshly partnered up with Tommy in lieu of Joe, went on a date with her new pretend beau. She came back to a visibly upset Joe, who is clearly having a hard time getting over Tommy's power move. Tommy, meanwhile, seemed smitten with Lucie – until it turned out she wasn't that into him. Tommy and Lucie seemed poised to end things on friendly terms, but by the end of the episode Tommy appeared to gravitate towards her again. As for Lucie, she's feeling understandably overhwelmed by the prospect of having to pick a boyfriend over the course of two and a half days. Amy and Curtis are angling for her to take her time and get to know some of the other Islanders if she wishes to, which doesn't seem like a bad idea at the moment.

As an aside: a popular narrative in the villa appears to be that Lucie didn't have a choice to go on a date with Tommy once he had picked her. What does that tell us, really, about the show's rules and how it approaches relationships between men and women?

Tommy is now determined to woo Amber – or is he?

Once Lucie told Tommy she wasn't exactly ready to forget about Joe, Tommy broadened his perspectives and tried to chat up Amber. Amber, however, appeared more annoyed than charmed by his approach, at one point complaining that she felt like she was being interviewed when all she wanted was a lighthearted chat. Not that Tommy seemed to mind: towards the end of the show, he tried his chance with Lucie again. Lucie's position, however, remained the same: she can't pick a partner in just a few days and needs more time.

Curtis emerges as a new fan favourite

Amid all this drama, Curtis, and by extension Curtis and his partner Amy, appear to have given fans the dose of romance they needed. During the episode, Twitter was awash with smitten messages basically elevating Curtis to the rank of national treasure. He and Amy did provide some much needed, rather mature advice to both Joe and Lucie, and that certainly gets them points.

Molly-Mae Hague is joining the show

That was this episode's shock announcement: Molly-Mae Hague, a social media influencer who once dated Leicester City's James Maddison. Viewers were given the opportunity to vote and decide which Islander to send her on a date with – and depending on who they pick, the result could stir up plenty of drama.

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Hello and welcome to The Independent's live blog of the third episode of Love Island 2019! We will bring you all the latest from the Spanish villa.

James Crump5 June 2019 19:09

Yesterday, Tommy caused quite the stir by deciding to partner up with Lucie – creating a bit of a love triangle between himself, Lucie and Joe Garratt. We'll see how this all plays out tonight...

James Crump5 June 2019 19:40

"Let’s all enjoy Love Island while not forgetting that reality television and real life at not at all the same": our writer Ed Powers argues that it's time to stop hate-watching the show.

James Crump5 June 2019 20:03

"Love Island’s feminist credentials are a matter of keen debate, but it does appear to deserve some credit for at least televising, if nothing else, what must surely be one of the sisterhood’s greatest barriers to justice. Which is that, where a woman’s interests do not align with a man’s, they simply do not enter the man’s head."

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James Crump5 June 2019 20:26

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James Crump5 June 2019 20:35

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James Crump5 June 2019 20:51

The show is starting! Is everyone ready?

James Crump5 June 2019 21:00

Previously on Love Island: Curtis and Tommy made their arrival in the villa and Tommy dropped a bombshell by choosing Lucie as a partner. Lucie is now torn between Tommy and Joe.

James Crump5 June 2019 21:02

Things are off to a solemn start in the villa. All the islanders just learned that they will be involved in a recoupling at the end of the week and whoever is still single will be dropped from the show.

Amy and Curtis and Lucie and Tommy don't have time to dwell on that, though, because they have to go on a double date! Joe does not look happy about this one bit.

James Crump5 June 2019 21:04

Lucie's crying. Joe is upset. Things are tense as a family meal when people start trying to discuss Brexit.

James Crump5 June 2019 21:05

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