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Love Island catch up: Laura gets to know Paul after brutal Jack breakup - but he's busy with the other Laura

Read all the latest from the Mallorca villa as the contestants search for love and try to evade sunburn

Lucy Anna Gray@LucyAnnaGray
Wednesday 18 July 2018 22:25
Love Island: Sam and Georgia kissing after splitting

We were all on tenterhooks. What would tonight's ominous Love Island text announcement lead to? A shock eviction? Exciting new contestants? The latest Tory MP resignation?

In fact it was the earth-shattering news that Jack and Dani could pop down to the shops to get dinner.

The elation of the contestants at this glimmer of non-romance based excitement was palpable. Forget the fact that Laura is completely heartbroken, or that Muggy Dr Alex has left other Alex in the lurch, it's all about the bargain chicken breasts.

Sam and Georgia shared a sneaky kiss in the bathroom, despite officially breaking up the other day. Dr Alex and Alex seem well and truly over now, with the sunburnt medic doing his best to crack on with New Laura, and Lady Alex setting her sights on Paul.

Oh, and we also found out that Laura fancies Eamonn Holmes and Dr Alex has a fetish for hair dryers.

We’re now left with an awful lot of singletons, which can only mean it’s going to be a dramatic week in the villa.

Love Island Georgia doesn't know what a carpenter is

You can catch up on all the villa drama as it happened with our liveblog below​.

Please allow the liveblog a moment to load...


Happy Tuesday everybody! Just a few hours to go until tonight's Love Island. In case you missed it, Charlie and Ellie are the latest islanders to be kicked out, to the disappointment of...well nobody really.

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 17:36

Whether or not Love Island is staged is a point of complete obsession for many fans. After Sam and Georgia's ridiculously melodramatic breakup last night, questions around the 'reality' part of this reality show are once again being asked.

Some fans think they've spotted a new clue that proves the show is staged... 

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 17:50

The Love Island continuity row rages on. 

Not only do we have Georgia's fake nails suddenly disappearing (see previous post), we now have a drink-throwing gaffe. After Georgia and Sam decided to split so they could stay in the villa as singletons, she ended up getting into a blazing row with golden couple Dani Dyer and Jack.

But in the argument, Jack apparently repeated himself in a very unnatural way, and there is also confusion about whether or not Georgia really threw a drink on Dani. Confused? We are too.

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 18:20

Somewhat impressively, Georgia has managed to single handedly split the internet in two. Like Barack Obama looking through a window at some children, she has broken Twitter.

Let's break the warring factions down. On one side we have Team Georgia, and the other we have...well, Team Anti-Georgia. TAG are judging Georgia for deciding to breakup with Sam and stay in the villa (therefore still in with a shot at the £50k, even though we know that money is obviously Dani Dyer's). They think she should've left the villa in a display of undying love for Sam. TG, however, are rallying online to her defence, saying that Georgia in fact wanted to leave in a move of dignity, and it was actually Sam who convinced her. TG also say she has been a victim of harsh editing (remember Samira, anybody?).

So which team are you on?

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 18:42

I'm just going to leave this here...

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 18:51

Four new Islanders entered the villa last night. First up we have 23-year-old Stephanie Lam, who I must admit made so little impact I can't remember anything else about her.

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 19:48

Here's your first look at what's to come in the villa tonight. Can you handle the tension?

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 20:02

Our last two new contestants are Paul Knops (who was, fun fact, in Britney's Make Me video, so he is obviously now our favourite) and DJ and model Josh Mair. 

I don't think I realised quite how many DJs and models there are in the world until I watched Love Island.

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 20:08

Apparently s*** is going to hit the fan for Jack and Laura tonight which is not good news. Mainly because I don't know how much longer I can watch that man pretend he cares about any of this.

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 20:25

That's right, Gary, it's not over yet.

Lucy Anna Gray17 July 2018 20:36

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