Making a Murderer: Steven Avery's defence lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting going on tour

They will be taking part in their series ‘A Conversation of Justice’

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 02 March 2016 10:14 GMT
Dean Strang and Jerry Buting on Making a Murderer
Dean Strang and Jerry Buting on Making a Murderer (Netflix)

Making a Murderer inspired hundreds upon thousands of armchair detectives, all of whom are searching for answers in the Teresa Halbach case.

However, none were physically there with defendant Steven Avery throughout the trial, unlike his lawyers - Dean Strang and Jerry Buting - both of whom appeared throughout the 10-part docudrama.

Avery was found guilty of Halbach’s murder in 2007, with his nephew Brendan Dassey charged with being party to third-degree intentional homicide.

In the last episode of Making a Murderer, both Strang and Buting discuss the pair’s guilt, along with the corruption and failure of the American justice system.

Now, the two defence attorneys are set to take their discussion on the road, going on a national tour of America this spring/summer.

Called ‘A Conversation of Justice’, they will talk about the TV series and the questions it raises, both on the Halbach case and the justice system as a whole.

Making A Murderer- Where are they now?

Avery’s case has been progressing rapidly since Making a Murderer’s release, with a new defence lawyer - Kathleen Zellner - attempting to find new DNA evidence to prove her client is not guilty.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Ken Kratz has been enjoying his time in the media spotlight, lashing out at the filmmakers for making him seem like a 'villain' and reporting evidence not shown in the series.

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