Doctor Who: Russell T. Davies implies next Doctor has already been cast

Fans are keen to see a woman as Peter Capaldi's replacement on the show, though there are no certain signs yet as to who they might have cast

It looks like we're closing in on the revelation as to who the new Doctor might be, with former producer Russell T. Davies now heavily implying the part has already been cast.

He told former Big Brother star Andy West on his AndyVision channel that, "I do know who it is". A simple phrase that will surely set off a thousand rumours and theories as to who might have snapped up the role, if it's even a fully done deal yet.

Many have predicted that a woman might take over as The Doctor in the future, with the likes of Olivia Colman, Tilda Swinton, and Phoebe Waller-Bridges all popular choices amongst fans, as impractical as those choices might be in reality.

The rumour mill, however, has started to circle intensely around Love Actually star Kris Marshall after claims by The Mirror that he had already been cast.

Whether Davies' comments indicate the new Doctor's identity will be revealed soon is entirely up to debate, but since we know Capaldi's time with the show is at an end, it's only a matter of time now.

Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One, at 6.45pm.

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