Sherlock season 4 episode 3 trailer: Watch Baker Street blow up in finale

'I know this is difficult, but you’ve got to keep it together'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 10 January 2017 13:44
Sherlock: Season 4 finale trailer

Following a lacklustre premiere, the second episode of Sherlock was a return to form, partly in thanks to a brilliant performance by Toby Jones, who played villain Culverton Smith.

Of course, the entire affair finished with a literal bang, Sherlock’s trusted partner Watson finding himself in quite the conundrum.

Thankfully, the trailer for episode three confirms Watson is physically unharmed and still worried about Sherlock. the same cannot be said for Cumberbatch’s character, who's decline into madness seemingly continues, Watson saying: “I know this is difficult, but you’ve got to keep it together.”

At the end of the 20-second clip, it appears somewhere (Baker Street?) is completely blown up, firing both Watson and Sherlock flying into the air.

Recently, writers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat revealed how they kept last episode’s massive twist a secret while filming.

“It started as a joke years ago that there was going to be a line in the first season where we were sketching in the Holmes family,” Gatiss said. Ready the full interview here.

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