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Survivor 46 premiere: Castaways divided into three teams as first challenges get underway

18 contestants will compete for the $1m (£794,000) prize as Jeff Probst returns as host for another season of Survivor

Tom Murray,Inga Parkel
Thursday 29 February 2024 14:11 GMT
Survivor 46 Trailer

Survivor returned for its 46th season on Wednesday (28 February)

Survivor 46 welcomed 18 new castaways to compete for the $1m (£794,000) prize as they are marooned on a desert island in Fiji.

Participants were divided into three tribes of six, and according to a press release, “will endure a faster, more intense season from the moment they step foot on the beach”.

The second episode, released next Wednesday, will also run for two hours before returning to its regular 90-minute format in the following weeks.

In the lead-up to the premiere, longtime host Jeff Probst has teased a major change to the show’s format.

He also confirmed that the forthcoming series is “one of the most vicious seasons ever”.

Meet the 18 contestants here and follow along live below for all the biggest moments from the first episode.


Kenzie crowns herself the Queen of the Tribe

29-year-old Kenzie is forming alliances within her tribe pretty quickly. So far, she’s connected with Q, Tiffany, and Jelinksy. She was unimpressed with Jess, who wasn’t interested in talking strategy.

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 01:44

Fans react to Jelinksy smashing the hourglass in frustration

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 01:47

Alliances are quickly forming

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 01:54

The all-male alliances are... going

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 01:56

Two-hour special premiere

We’re nearing the end of the first hour of Survivor 46, but alas we have another hour to go!

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 01:57

Teams enter day 2

As viewers enter hour two of the premiere, the tribes are entering day two.

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 02:00

Three players must take a boat to an unknown location

One contestant from each tribe must take a boat to an undisclosed location. They were informed they would return back to the main island by noon.

Q (orange), Maria (green) and Jelinsky (purple) are the three tributes who took the boat ride, where they were whisked away to another sandy beach and underwent another test of trust and whit. Q and Jelinsky basically had to try and convince Maria they were the holder of the correct card.

Jelinsky gave up again... the poor guy doesn’t seem to have a chance.

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 02:11

Jelinsky already has a target on his back

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 02:13

Tiffany is at risk

Tiffany must find the immunity idol to keep her vote. She found the box holding the idol, but now she must find the key to open the box, otherwise she loses her vote at the tribal council.

Inga Parkel29 February 2024 02:16

Team Nami wins immunity

Wow, how incredible were those 500lb geckos? A huge early win for Nami.

Tom Murray29 February 2024 02:39

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