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Extinction Rebellion protests – live: Activist dressed as Boris Johnson scales Big Ben scaffolding as protesters spray paint government buildings

Arrests soar to more than 1,700 as protesters blockade Oxford Circus 

Emma Snaith
Friday 18 October 2019 18:17
Extinction Rebellion protester climbs scaffolding at Big Ben

An Extinction Rebellion protester dressed as Boris Johnson has climbed Big Ben on the penultimate day of the group's latest round of protests to demand urgent action on the climate crisis

It comes after activists blockaded Oxford Circus by scaling bamboo tripods and marched through Westminster, leaving red hand marks on government buildings with chalk spray paint.

The group continue to defy a London-wide ban on its protests amid anger over its disruption of the London Underground yesterday, which saw activists fiercely attacked by commuters.

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Hello and welcome to The Independent's rolling coverage of Extinction Rebellion's protests.

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:08

Protesters blockade Oxford Circus 

Extinction Rebellion protesters have blocked roads around Oxford Circus after putting up tripods on the road. 

During its April protests, the group shut down the site for several days after parking a pink boat in the middle of a roundabout. 

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:13

Extinction Rebellion targets fast fashion on Oxford Street 

Extinction Rebellion appears to be targeting the fashion industry in its latest protest. 

In a post on Twitter, the group wrote: "Fashion is responsible for more emissions than shippings & aviation combined. 1.5 trillion litres of water go into making clothes."

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:21

Arrests soar to more than 1,700

More than 1,700 Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested since the protests began last Monday, the Metropolitan Police confirmed last night. 

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:30

Police out in force at Oxford Circus

A large number of police officers have been pictured on the scene at Extinction Rebellion's latest protests in Oxford Circus. 

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:34

Protesters to spray paint government buildings in Westminster

Extinction Rebellion is planning a “red handed” protest later today that will see activists spray-paint hand prints around Westminster.

The group says it will use washable chalk spray to mark the path of its march from Whitehall Gardens to six government departments.

Read more here: 

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:37

Activists hang in tripod in the middle of Oxford Circus

Two protesters are pictured sitting on a tripod in the middle of Oxford Circus. According to some reports, the action was nearly called off in response to criticism over the group's Tube protests yesterday which ended in violence. 

(Sam Povey) 

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:52

Arrests reportedly being made at Oxford Circus

Police are reportedly beginning to arrest activists blocking the road in Oxford Circus.  

emma.snaith18 October 2019 10:53

Five people charged after tube protests 

Five people have been charged over Extinction Rebellion's protests on London's Tube network yesterday morning. 

Two men and two women have been charged with obstructing a train at Shadwell, British Transport Police said. One man has been charged with breaching bail conditions over the Canning Town protest.

All five are due before magistrates at Highbury Corner for plea and bail hearings later today. 

emma.snaith18 October 2019 11:02

Cherry picker arrives in Oxford Circus to clear protesters

A Cherry picker has reportedly arrived in Oxford Circus to clear the protesters who have climbed on to tripods.

Meanwhile, other activists who have locked on at the site are being removed. 


emma.snaith18 October 2019 11:35

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