‘Cancer-causing’ chemicals found in children living near fracking well sites following two-year investigation

One nine-year-old had levels of toxic chemicals in his body up to 91 times the average American, and much higher than those in an adult cigarette smoker, writes Louise Boyle

Tuesday 13 April 2021 22:12 BST
Fracking infrastructure in Washington County, Pennsylvania
Fracking infrastructure in Washington County, Pennsylvania

Politicians and environmental activists are demanding action on fracking after a two-year investigation revealed alarming levels of toxic chemicals linked to the drilling method in children.

A series of in-depth reports, published by non-profit Environmental Health News (EHN) this month, looked at the health impacts on five, non-smoking families living within miles of fracking sites in southwest Pennsylvania.

The US has become world leader in fossil fuel production due to fracking, or hydraulic fracturing. The technique recovers gas and oil pockets from shale rock by drilling horizontally and then injecting gallons of water, sand and chemicals underground at high-pressure.

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