Inside Politics: ‘Don’t panic’, says No 10 as petrol pumps run dry

Boris Johnson has been urged to get a grip of the ‘rapidly worsening’ supply chain crisis as he returns home from the US, writes Adam Forrest

Friday 24 September 2021 08:04
<p>Boris Johnson </p>

Boris Johnson

Actor Daniel Craig has been appointed an honorary Commander in the Royal Navy – the same rank as his James Bond character. Perhaps it’s time Boris Johnson was appointed an honorary Lance Corporal in Dad’s Army – the same rank as Jonesy, the character who ran around shouting, “Don’t panic! Don’t panic!” Despite the state of high alarm over the shutting of petrol stations, No 10 insists we’re not doomed yet. Labour, meanwhile, is in full-on Private Frazer mode – warning of disaster ahead as pumps run dry and energy firms go bust.

Inside the bubble

Political correspondent Jon Stone on what to look out for today:

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