Boris Johnson won’t even get a round in on a first date – that gives you the measure of the man

Jennifer Arcuri says that Johnson asked to borrow £3.10 to buy a beer on their first date. This detail might just penetrate the PM’s notoriously thick old Etonian hide, writes Rupert Hawksley

Monday 29 March 2021 00:06
<p>Jennifer Arcuri claims she had a four-year relationship with the then mayor of London</p>

Jennifer Arcuri claims she had a four-year relationship with the then mayor of London

Jennifer Arcuri, as I’m sure you know by now, has revealed to a Sunday newspaper that she had a four-year relationship with Boris Johnson when he was mayor of London. (Turn to page seven for news about the Pope’s religious leanings.)

This must be, what, the 59th time the story has resurfaced? Arcuri’s allegations might have hurt other politicians but Johnson is no stranger to rumours about extramarital affairs – this is not, if you’ll excuse me, his first rodeo. The damage will be minimal.

Still, the details are worth picking over, specifically the revelation that, according to Arcuri, Johnson doesn’t always get his round in. Stop sniggering at the back – I’m talking about his refusal to buy Arcuri a drink on their first date.

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