What it’s really like to train for a marathon

Now 12 weeks out from London, Jack Rathborn provides an update on training for the ultimate test of running

Training for a marathon can take over your life
Training for a marathon can take over your life

So here we are almost a year on after needing the best part of half an hour to drag myself over barely 100 meters after the finish line of the 2019 Brighton Marathon, drowned in sweat and regret in equal amounts. Yet a healthy dose of amnesia ensured I jumped at the opportunity to run the Virgin Money London Marathon this year in what will be my second attempt at 26.2.

After just four weeks of training, I quickly remembered how much the challenge consumes you. There is the constant reminder at home: around-the-clock washing and drying required once deep into training.

Not to mention the urge to provide updates about your training to anybody unfortunate enough to cross your path or innocently ask you how it’s going. So patience among friends and family is certainly appreciated throughout the build-up.

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