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Help! Is there any way I can recover my lost luggage?

Simon Calder answers your questions on dealing with missing suitcases, finding the best bang for your buck, and those ongoing airport queues

Monday 11 April 2022 21:30
<p>Where’s mine? Checking in bags always involves a risk</p>

Where’s mine? Checking in bags always involves a risk

Q We are currently in Australia. We flew with British Airways from the dreaded Heathrow Terminal 5 to Copenhagen before travelling on to Australia with Qatar Airways. On arrival at Copenhagen we found out that no luggage whatsoever had been loaded onto our flight. We completed the necessary missing bag forms with the address in Australia. BA’s tracking system tells us bags were found and placed on flights to arrive in Australia on 6 April. The flights arrived but no sign of our luggage. To date, we still haven’t had any response, still have no luggage and I’m fuming at how bad BA customer service is. Is there anything you can suggest we do?

“Stribs 22”

A Sorry to read about your experience. Sometimes when bags go astray the reuniting process can threaten to dominate the trip. On the rare occasions when it has happened to me, I would really rather not spend time online or on the phone trying to find where the bag is and coordinating reunification with it. Rather than chasing around for them, I ask the airline to return the missing luggage after the trip. I also explain that I will buy the minimum to meet my travel needs (keeping the receipts for a later claim).

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