Inside Politics: Government could ‘tweak’ some lobbying rules

Ministers say minor changes to the system might be needed, amid a fresh wave of ‘sleaze’ stories, writes Adam Forrest

Monday 19 April 2021 08:16

he football world is in uproar over plans by the continent’s top clubs – including England’s big six – to start a rogue European Super League and establish a private network to make more money. The political world is uproarious too. Top civil servants and political figures appear to have gone rogue and established a private network to make more money. A new wave of lobbying stories suggests the “sleaze” scandal has some way to run. Will anything change? Boris Johnson’s team is hoping a few “tweaks” to the system will allow everything to get back to normal.

Inside the bubble

Whitehall editor Kate Devlin on what to look out for today:

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