Inside Politics: Boris Johnson accused of ‘grasping naivety’ over China

The PM has sparked outrage with a plan to boost Britain’s nuclear capacity – but Tory MPs are more concerned about trade with Beijing, writes Adam Forrest

Wednesday 17 March 2021 08:20

A furious English farmer says he’s ready to go to court to defend his right to display a giant billboard slamming his own village as a “murderous, lawless, godforsaken place”. It’s tempting to put up a giant billboard at Dover warning of the “murderous, lawless, godforsaken” island we all inhabit. Boris Johnson is facing fury over his decision to increase the nation’s arsenal of world-ending nuclear warheads. No doubt Irish premier Micheal Martin will play up the idea of Britain being a “lawless” land when he speaks to Joe Biden about Brexit agreements today.

Inside the bubble

Political commentator Andrew Grice on what to look out for today:

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