Inside Politics: Labour rocked by bombshell Hartlepool by-election poll

A new survey shows the Tories clearly on course to take red wall seat and declare a symbolic victory, writes Adam Forrest

Tuesday 04 May 2021 08:17
Keir Starmer campaigning in Seaton Carew
Keir Starmer campaigning in Seaton Carew

don’t wish to alarm you, but there’s a massive Chinese rocket set to crash back down to Earth in the next few days. The 21-ton projectile will likely burn up in re-entry or plop into an ocean – but scientists have warned there’s a risk of an uncontrolled, unpredictable landing somewhere people live. Westminster’s “sleaze” scandal currently feels uncontrolled and unpredictable – nobody is quite sure quite where the dirt will land or what sort of damage it will cause. There are signs it could be beginning to hurt the Conservatives. Labour has closed the Tory party’s national poll lead. But Keir Starmer’s team has been rocked by a poll which appears to showing Labour is almost certain set to lose its seat in Hartlepool.

Inside the bubble

Political editor Andrew Woodcock on what to look out for today:

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