The summer of love is coming – those who don’t plan for life post-pandemic will miss out

The sheer scale of enquiries for weddings and other events after lockdown is telling, write Digby Vollrath and Hugo Campbell

Wednesday 10 March 2021 13:30
<p>There’s been a 630 per cent rise in people planning large scale-parties.</p>

There’s been a 630 per cent rise in people planning large scale-parties.

When we look back on our most important memories, the ones we’ll cherish forever, we’d bet that a lot of them are centred around events. Events are where we had our first kisses, where we made lifelong friends and two summers ago we were able to witness a lot of the most important people in our lives tie the knot and have their first dance. Events are central to the human experience; they really matter.

We are naturally tribal, social creatures, born to make connections and some might say throwing parties is in our nature. There isn’t a culture we’ve discovered that doesn’t come together to celebrate and it’s no surprise that during the pandemic loneliness has risen around 70 per cent.

The great news is that not only are events on their way back, they’re coming back bigger, and better than ever before. It might have been delayed by a year, but it finally looks as though we’ll be entering a Roaring Twenties-style era, if the rise in event planning, by 250 per cent since the government launched the roadmap out of lockdown, is anything to go by.

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