Chrissy Teigen reveals why she won’t use Meghan Markle’s jam again

Teigen says she plans to keep jam in her fridge ‘forever’ after Duchess of Sussex gifted limited-edition jam jars to various influencers to promote her new brand

Brittany Miller
New York
Friday 26 April 2024 17:22 BST
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Chrissy Teigen was one of the latest people to receive a batch of strawberry jam made by Meghan Markle and her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

Teigen recently took to Instagram to share a video of her using the jam inside of her grilled cheese. “We jammin!!” her caption began as her video played Bob Mareley’s song “Jamming” in the background.

To make her sandwich, Teigen used sourdough bread and spread the jam on both sides before topping it with brie cheese and bacon slices. After spreading butter on the outside of the sandwich, she grilled it until the cheese melted.

“This might have been one of the best bites we’ve had all year - all we used is some rustic bread, salted butter, triple cream brie, thick cut bacon and some @americanrivieraorchard jam!” her caption continued.

“Took about eight mins total and made us happy for the entire weekend.”

The clip ended with Teigen trying the sandwich for herself and then offering a bite of it to her husband, John Legend, who appeared to give it his stamp of approval.

Speaking with ET at the premiere of the new Netflix series, A Man in Full, the couple continued to talk about the sandwich made with the Duchess of Sussex’s jam.

“That sandwich was, like, incredible. One of the best bites I’ve had in a long time,” Legend said while reflecting on his few bites. “I want that exact sandwich again.”

“It was pretty epic,” the Cravings cookbook author mentioned.

As someone with multiple cookbooks available on the market, Teigen explained that she gets sent various luxury food items and struggles to use them because they’re normally so good she doesn’t want to not have it around anymore, which she said is exactly how she feels about Meghan’s jam.

“You don’t want to use it because I don’t want to lose it,” Teigen said. “So now I feel like we did the sandwich, and now I’m gonna keep [the jam] in my fridge forever.”

Teigen and Legend also admitted that they’ve never had the chance to have a “double date” with Meghan and Prince Harry but Teigen and the duchess have had overlapping acting careers at one point.

“I was on Deal or No Deal ages ago,” Teigen admitted while noting Meghan was one of the briefcase girls. “I didn’t actually make it past - I was not one of the [briefcase] girls for more than two episodes,” Teigen recalled. “Because I couldn’t do any choreography or anything. So they demoted me to a banker girl.”

Earlier this month, the duchess gifted the limited-edition jam jars to various influencers to promote her new brand, which was announced online last month.

The jam featured the new company’s label and handwritten numbers that showed what number batch of jam it was out of 50.

Another person who was sent a jar of jam was fashion designer Tracy Robbins, who highlighted it on her Instagram Stories. Robbins wrote: “@AmericanRivieraOrchard breakfast, lunch and dinner just got a little sweeter.”

She followed up with a picture of the jam in a basket of lemons, where she added: “Thank you for the delicious basket! I absolutely love this jam so not sure I’m sharing with anyone. @AmericanRivieraOrchard Thank you, M! #MontecitoGoodness #AmericanRivieraOrchard.”

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