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Woman reveals her date Googled her medications after finding them in the bathroom: ‘My jaw dropped’

‘At least he didn’t wait any longer to start showing his red flags’

Amber Raiken
New York
Tuesday 22 March 2022 04:53 GMT
(@bitchcraft444 / TikTok)

A woman has shared a text she received from her date, in which he admitted to Googling the medications he found in her bathroom before asking if she was “mentally ill”.

In a recent video shared on TikTok, Chloe, @b****craft444, shared a screenshot of a text from someone who she appeared to have gone on a recent date with. According to the screenshot, Chloe began the conversation by asking how his evening was going. However, in response, the man sent a text in which he revealed that he did research on some of the medications he found in her bathroom and saw that they were “antipsychotics.” He then proceeded to claim that if she was “mentally ill,” it would be a “big turn off.”

“Hey not to be rude and this is super awkward of me,” the message reads. “The other night was fun but I Googled those tablets you left on your bathroom sink (super invasive of me I know) and it said they were antipsychotics.”

“You’re not mentally ill are you? Just a turn off and I wouldn’t wanna go further if so,” the text continued.

In the caption, Chloe sarcastically noted how forward the man’s message was, with the TikToker writing: “Not even a good morning.”

As of 21 March, the video has more than 5.9m views, with TikTok users in the comments appalled by the man’s text and behaviour, while others assured Chloe that she was lucky to see the red flags early.

“God saved you from that one bestie,” one wrote, while another said: “You dodged a massive bullet.”

Others described how inappropriate it was of the man to go through Chloe’s medications. “He’s worried about ‘crazy’ people but he’s the one who Googled your medicine,” one person wrote.

Another said: “The irony of him saying that’s a turn off when he literally went out of his way to figure out what medication you’re taking.”

However, other viewers argued that the man’s behaviour wasn’t a dealbreaker, as some felt like he was trying to be considerate of Chloe’s mental health.

“I’m a girl with a diagnosed [borderline personality disorder], and I actually think besides the turn off comment he was being polite and upfront, mental illnesses are hard to handle,” one person wrote, while someone else said: “Horribly said but [of course] people have limits. Could [have] said: ‘I’m not able to handle that on top of my own issues.’”

Speaking to The Independent, Chloe said that when she first saw the man’s text, she was quite “shocked” and that his actions were an invasion of privacy. However, she said she wasn’t “offended” by the message.

I didn’t know if I should be insulted or laugh it off,” she explained. “I did feel my privacy had been invaded a little bit, the tablets he had found can be used for a number of things, so he definitely could have put it better or asked for some education on them, instead of being scared off by the words ‘anti psychotic’. I’m not offended though, I can laugh at the situation .”

She also noted how important is to lessen the “stigma around medication” used for mental health purposes.

“I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against or treated differently for their mental health, there is a lot of stigma around medication, but it is a positive thing,” she added.

Regarding her conversation with her date, Chloe said that she did respond to his message, but that he was “very rude” back to her.

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