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Adorable emu goes viral for constantly interrupting his owner’s videos

‘Emmanuel, don’t do it,’ the owner notably tells her bird in the TikTok videos.

Amber Raiken
Monday 18 July 2022 18:31 BST

An adorable emu has continued to go viral on social media for interrupting all of his owner’s TikTok videos.

On TikTok, Taylor, who runs Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida, frequently posts videos of and about her animals. At beginning of some of her clips, her large bird named Emmanuel can be seen walking into the shot and putting his face close up to the camera.

A compilation of the clips where Emmanuel disturbs her owner’s videos was shared to Twitter this week and features plenty of moments from Taylor’s TiKTok account where Emmanuel pops his head into the frame.

“I’m trying to educate people right now, OK,” Taylor says to the bird in one clip. “Can you just stop?”

Another clip shows Taylor petting her cow, as Emmanuel is walking in front of the camera once again. A following clip has Taylor looking over at a black swan in a lake when Emmanuel interrupts. She tells him: “Don’t do it.”

Hilariously, Taylor appears to accept the fact that the bird was going to keep interrupting her and simply tells him to “do it” at one point. The bird went on to open his mouth, poke his beak at the camera, and knock the device down to the floor.

After he repeatedly hit the camera with his beak, Taylor sarcastically asked: “How did that make you feel? Was it everything that you ever wanted, and wished for, and hoped for in life? Do you feel fulfilled now?”

On Twitter, the post has more than 22.1m views, with viewers expressing how amused they are by Taylor’s bird.

“Emmanuel [is] legit my Spirit animal, man,” one wrote, while another said: “I will definitely be yelling ‘Emmanuel, DON’T DO IT’ to one of my animals within 24 hours. My bet is it will be to the Sharknado cat.”

Other viewers went on to praise Taylor’s close bond with Emmanuel and noted how it reminds them of a relationship between a parent and child.

“That the internet’s most viral videos so often entail human’s emotions for animals of all kinds - not just dogs and cats - says a great deal about our natural relationship with them,” one wrote.

“You need to write a children’s book about Emmanuel the Emu who wouldn’t behave - but you loved him anyway,” another added. “As a kid who got in trouble all the time, it would be so on point.”

In a video posted to her TikTok on 17 July, Taylor thanked her viewers for their support “over the last few weeks”. While she explained how she has always been an “animal lover” and has been “creating content since 2013,” Emmanuel made another uninvited appearance in her video, before knocking her camera down.

“I’m trying to tell them thank you because they’ve been supporting us on the internet,” she told him. “I know you don’t know what the internet is, but you’re literally kind of famous on there.”

Taylor emphasised her gratitude in the caption, as she wrote, “We pray this account will be a safe space for everyone seeking a little joy in this dark world. WE LOVE YOU!”

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