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New Moncler fashion collection ridiculed on Twitter for 'sleeping bag' look

The clothing has also been compared to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters

Sabrina Barr
Sunday 19 August 2018 15:23 BST
Moncler announces the launch of the 5 Moncler Graig Green collection

A new fashion collection launched by Italian apparel brand Moncler has become the subject of ridicule on Twitter due to the close resemblance of the clothes to a “sleeping bag”.

In February this year, Moncler announced that it would be releasing eight new clothing collections in the near future as part of its “Moncler Genius” project.

Craig Green was chosen as the designer for the fifth collection of the project, which Moncler was first revealed on Twitter earlier this week.

According to a statement released by Moncler in February to announce the project, Green “conceives items that rewrite the dialogue between clothing and body, dress and habitat.”

While a lot of thought likely went into the collaboration between designer Green and Moncler, many people’s first reaction to the collection has been one of disbelief, with some comparing the clothing to a “sleeping bag”.

“After laughing my butt off… I had to check if this was for real… OMG… it is,” one person tweeted.

“What ‘style’ do they call it, tire stack look, the sleeping bag or bumper boat?”

The clothing from the collection has also been compared to a number of well-known characters from popular culture, including Baymax from Big Hero 6, the Michelin man and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

Some people on Twitter have been criticising the fact that a range of clothing that they deem to look ridiculous can cost so much when sold by a designer brand.

According to Moncler, the collection designed by Green is inspired by the “habitat”, implying that the clothing is supposedly practical for the colder, winter months.

The collection will be available to purchase from August 22. However, whether consumers feel enticed to purchase the oversized jackets is yet to be seen.

On the Moncler website, the most expensive ski jacket available costs a hefty £1,790, with the cheapest costing £725.

“Sleeping bag”-esque jackets aren’t the only strange piece of clothing to have turned heads in recent months.

In July this year, the announcement of a pair of high-heeled Crocs divided opinion online, with one person tweeting: “This is really a sign the end of the world is coming.”

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