‘So boring’: Fans mock Nike’s self-proclaimed ‘legendary’ new collaboration with Tiffany & Co

Fans have been left disappointed after leaked images appeared to show a rather underwhelming design

Kate Ng
Tuesday 31 January 2023 13:18 GMT

Nike and Tiffany & Co have confirmed they are collaborating on a “legendary” pair of shoes, but fans beg to differ.

Both brands posted a teaser image on their social media accounts on Sunday (29 January), showing a Nike shoe box in Tiffany’s signature blue, with the caption: “A legendary pair.”

However, leaked images purporting to show the result of the collaboration left fans unmoved by the perceived lack of creativity.

A photo of the black suede low-top Air Force One sneaker featuring a leather Nike swoosh in Tiffany blue began circulating on social media last week.

The shoes also appear to feature a sterling silver plate on the back, which reports say may be a nod to the jeweller’s classic Return To Tiffany designs.

Customers can reportedly expect to pay around US$400 (£324) for a pair of the collaborative sneakers, which are likely to appear in stores in the spring.

Fans took to social media to criticise the design, which some described as “so boring”.

One person wrote: “I know ‘Just Do It’ is the tagline but maybe they shouldn’t have in this instance.”

Another said: “Does Tiffany even have a brand identity anymore? This collaboration with Nike is so poorly executed that it feels like a cynical attempt to cash in on the streetwear market about seven years too late.”

“So Tiffany literally just gave Nike their colour hex code and called it a day? At least the Fendi X Tiffany collaboration had Tiffany diamonds and the Tiffany silver chains/medallion,” a third pointed out. “Brands, it’s OK to not do every single collaboration opportunity that comes your way.”

The luxury jeweller previously collaborated with streetwear brand Supreme, but fans were similarly disappointed.

In November 2021, the brands teamed up to create a new Return To Tiffany collection featuring a heart tag pendant and a heart knife key ring.

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